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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lube Tech

Lube Tech has decided to support Project Life Flight.  Getting involved with this company was very random.  My dad was buying a bike from a guy named Chris who worked there.  While my dad was off getting the cash for the bike Chris offered for me to come inside and have a beer.  As I was learning about Lube Tech I asked Chris if the company donated any money to charitable events.  He told me that they actually donate about ten percent of their profits to different organizations.  I told him my story and what I was trying to accomplish and Chris just took it from there. 

Chris and the owner decided to help out with some funding for the trip, but they didn’t stop there.  They set me up with a writer so I could tell him my story and get an official press release written up to get the word out.   They also filled my brain with great ideas for things to do for Project Life Flight.  I can’t thank Lube Tech enough for all the help and support that they are giving us. 

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