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Friday, January 20, 2012

Updates on the Documentary

So I thought it was about time that I update everyone about the documentary we are creating.  As you may know, we were filming our journey back to Montana.  We also filmed some of my training that I did for the big ride, some rehab, and a lot of other things I have been involved with after my accident.  We have decided to call this film "Wings to Wheels".

In the end we ended up with about 65 hours of footage.  I personally captured each tape one by one, and am now in the process of sorting through all of the film.  I spent about 150 hours in front my computer capturing and watching the amazing footage that everybody filmed.  We have a lot to work with, and our goal is to create a full length feature film.

On top of all the editing that will need to be done, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what type of music to use in the film.  Finally one day it hit me, why not get some people together that have disabilities, that also play music.  I have met a few people now that do just that, and the plan is to have all the music in the film be created and played by those with physical or mental disabilities.  What better way to show a film about a disabled man, than have the music played by those in a similar situation.

On top of everything that has to be done for the film, I am also trying to get a nonprofit set up called "Project Life Flight".  The mission will be to raise money for people that have become disabled so that they can afford recreational equipment, and get back to a higher quality of life.  It is truly a shame how expensive life gets once you have to use a wheelchair.  For example, for an able bodied person to get into running, it cost about $100 for a nice pair of shoes.  For someone that uses a chair, it cost about $5,000.  So I'm sure you can see why most people can't afford this kind of equipment.  So I want to help.

The first thing that I want to do is have my documentary go through the nonprofit.  It is taking longer than I thought to get things set up, which is why the film is on hold.  Once "Project Life Flight" is up and going, we will be posting the official trailer for the film on kickstarter.com.  Our hope will be to raise enough money for the production of the film.  If all goes well it shouldn't be that long before "Wings to Wheels" is ready for its premier.

Until then I put together a little edit of the ride in Glacier National Park and some white water rafting.  It will give you a little taste of how amazing some of the footage is that we shot.  Check it out!  The link is below.


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  1. Mortana is great place. I have been to there for a lot of times, I have enjoyed a lot and this documentary was what I was waiting for so long time, glad to see it.


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