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Monday, December 3, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll!

It has been a while since I last posted, but I figured that today would be a great one to get back at it.  A lot has happened since my last post and I can't wait to share everything with all of you, but so much has happened that it will take some time to get everyone caught up.  In the near future expect to see updates about:

- The nonprofit we are starting here in Missoula, MT that will provide outdoor adventure for people with disabilities.
- 2013 summer spinal cord injury outdoor adventure camp in Montana!
- "Wings to Wheels" a full length documentary about my fight back to life.
- Public motivational speaking.
- Various other video projects that will be designed to help boost the quality of life for those with disabilities.
- and much more!

For now I thought I would leave you with a quick update.  Amy and I have finally moved back to Missoula, Montana!  This is where I had my accident, after I woke up from my coma we had to move back to Minnesota for support from family and friends.  We worked extremely hard over the last two years and we finally made it back! We couldn't be more excited about it.

Since we moved back there has been some exciting news about one of my new film projects.  Over last summer I carried my GoPro camera with me on all my adventures.  I put together a short film and have received an overwhelming amount of support from it.  I entered it into a national film competition  called Driven Creativity sponsored by G-Technology.  I actually ended up winning the GoPro category.  G-Technology is helping support my film career by gifting me with a two terabyte G-Drive and a new GoPro camera.  Thanks again G-Technology for all your support!

Last but not least I had an amazing morning today.  My video was selected by GoPro for their video of the day.  It has been a long time dream of mine to someday be recognized by GoPro for something I was doing in outdoor adventure.  Today that happened, and I'm on cloud nine.  Thank you GoPro!  If you haven't seen it yet here it is.  Joe Stone's 2012 Adaptive Adventures.


Thank you so much to everyone that has been there to support me!


  1. In your movie on GoPro the fishing you did where did you go for that.

    1. The fishing was on the Clark Fork river near Missoula Mt, and Middle Fork of the Flathead River near Glacier National Park.

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  6. Hello Joe. I was just on GoPro's sight checkingout the videos of the day when I came across yours. It gave me goosebumps!! You ARE very inspiring. When my son was in a snowboarding accident and I had to meet the ambulance at the emergency room. I found him strapped to the long board waiting for the CT scan for an inverted, half pipe, trick gone bad, back injury. We did not know what the extent of his injuries were at that time. As we sat in silent worry, he said, "Mom, I saw this guy who is paralized but he still snowboards. He sits on a chair with the board attached to the bottom." When my friends 4 year old broke his arm while jumping his snow board, his only comment in the ER was......next time I'm gonna land it. It is people like you who are an inspiration to all these kids. God Bless you and all the mountains you conquer!!!


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