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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Testing the new glove

Today was a great day.  Due to the fact that I can't find anyone that sells a good glove for someone with no grip I decided to create my own.  Amy and I spent the better part of this morning making a glove with Velcro on the fingers, thumb, and palm.  I put the other side of the Velcro on the pedal itself, thanks to a great idea by my friend Justin.   After getting everything done I was able to join up with the Courage Centers handcycling program to test it out.

We went for a nice 17 mile ride in Brooklyn Park.  The glove started out great but when I went up my first hill the force pulled the Velcro apart.  I had brought some Velcro straps to put around my hand just in case this happened.  From there my friends PJ, Justin, and I started to figure out how to strap the hand in a way that it will hold solid.  It wasn’t until over half the ride was done that we thought we figured it out.

We got my hand locked in solid and the rest of the ride was a breeze.  When my left hand is slipping it forces me to use more of my right arm.  This makes me go slower and not get a good work out in my left arm.  After we got it figured out my average speed went up about 2.5 miles an hour and it was a lot easier.  I love a double bonus.   

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