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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Many things to be happy about.

The past week has been filled with happy moments.  My handcycling has hit a new level. I am now able to go on solo rides again!  Also I am able to climb some pretty long and steep hills now, witch has opened up a lot more ridding for me around the neighborhood.  This week is when I will really start packing on the miles.  I have put just over 200 miles on the bike in the last month, and this month I plan to at least double that.  I cant wait until I start doing some 40 and 50 mile rides.  Life just feels normal again. 

This past week I had the pleasure of hanging out with my grandpa Woody and his wife Vivian.  They drove all the way from Pennsylvania to see the family and to celebrate my birthday.  They got a chance to see me do a little handcycling and later Woody made some of his famous pork, what a treat.  Thanks Woody and Vivian for taking the time to come up and visit.  Hopefully it wont be too long before we do it again. 

On another note I have the opportunity to help with a walking study through the University of Minnesota.  How this works is I will be wearing an exoskeleton from my chest to my feet.  Between some electronic stimulation to my quads and the mechanics of the brace I should be able to walk at least a few steps with a walker.  While doing this I will be working with my old therapist Brian.  Working with Brian again will be a lot of fun seems that we worked so well together before.  Not to mention that I might take a few steps again after ten months.  Even it does make me the bionic man.

Life right now is truly amazing.  I know for some people that is hard to believe but when you stop and reflect on everything there are too many positive things in my life to even focus on the negative.  For example I am able to train and plan a trip back to Montana.  Amy, PJ, and my parents all have new bikes now.  Witch I love to see people finding new ways to be active in life.  Also after about nine months of therapy I will be done on Thursday.  My main goal with therapy from the beginning was that I wanted to look back and have zero regrets.  I can honestly say that goal has been met.  That is an amazing feeling.  So my advise to everyone is to focus on the positive things in life, they keep you a float.  The negatives only drag you under. 

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