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Friday, July 1, 2011

"It may be different but I'm back"

The miles are starting to stack up.  After my ride yesterday I am now at 539 miles on the bike.  I have really been working hard to not only go on longer rides but also making sure I am doing this all week.  Last week was my best week yet, I put on 143 miles and capped off the week with a 39 mile ride.  The 39 mile ride was my best ride yet.  I hit a new high speed of 39.2 mph, kept it under 4 hours of riding, and had my best average speed of 10 mph.  The fact that I hit my new highest average on my longest ride put a big smile on my face. 

While I was riding on Sunday I couldn’t help but notice how great my body felt.  My muscles were strong and my energy level was high.  This is how I felt the summer before my accident.  So it made me stop and think “I’m back, it may be different but I’m back”. When I returned home from the ride and checked my bike computer for my results.  I was hit by the same emotions that I used to get when I would push myself hard in one of my other hobbies.  It’s been a while since I have had that feeling and I can’t explain how great it felt to have that back. 

Another thing I haven’t had in a while is the view from a standing position.  During my last walking study session I was able to stand up with the help of Brain my old therapist.  From there we were getting the final adjustments made before the brace gets hooked up to a computer and helps me walk.  Without the computer I did take my first steps where I held up my body with the parallel bars while Brain moved my legs.  Not quite walking but what ever it was felt amazing. 

On another note I had the opportunity to speak on the radio today.  I told my story and touched a little on how something like this not only has affected me but how it has affected the ones close to me.  Also I was able to share what I am up to now and what all of this means to me.  If you would like to listen to this it will be on “Real Estate Chalk Talk with the Hittner Group”.  The broadcast is this Sunday, July 3rd at 3 pm on AM 1280 The Patriot.  Also you can stream the interview at www.am1280thepatriot.com

As the trip nears Amy and I are starting to gather some of the things that are needed.  For starters we bought a Subaru Outback.  This is the key ingredient for getting us and all of our gear out to Montana.  Also I now have a bike rack that attaches to the hitch of the car and can carry my hand cycle and another bicycle.  This goes a long way seems that we had no way of transporting the bike.  Now we know for sure we can make the journey back to Montana. 

I would like to thank UPS in West St.Paul for donating the amazing business cards that they made for me.  The family at this store has been very kind with helping me out.  As for the other sponsors, I have been able to get pro deals on some of the gear that I will need and I am waiting to hear from others.  Cross your fingers so they will hopefully work out.  

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