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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Amazing Mr.Jerry and the Kitchi Landing Crew

When my accident happened my parents were up north at their camper on Kitchi Landing Resort.  They got the call and everyone around them was notified as they jumped into the car and started their mission to get to Missoula, Montana.  One amazing man, who has watched me grow up, took it upon himself to organize a benefit for me.  Mr. Jerry spent all of last winter and this summer planning for this past weekend. 

Amy and I started our journey by traveling five hours north to this benefit.  I was amazed at what Mr. Jerry had put together.  There was a fishing tournament, door prizes, raffles, silent auctions, and even Jell-O shots.  People made many donations like guns, a mattress set, a wheel barrel full of booze, and many other items.  Mr. Jerry made many of the items that were up for auction.  He made picture frames, lawn games, shelves, and even a bar for someone to install in their house.  All of this to help Amy and me out after everything that we have been through. 

Saturday started out with boats on the water at 6am.  There were multiple categories for people to win trophies for the fish that they caught.  My brother-in-law Mike even took first place for largest Bass.  As everybody docked there boats around 3pm the tent was set up for the rest of the festivities.

Everyone gathered under the tent to make their bids and buy their raffle tickets.  The amount of love floating around was unreal.  Everyone had so much support for Amy and me that it was almost overwhelming.   It’s hard to explain the emotion that goes through ones body when this many people reach a hand out all at once. 

After the auctions were finished, then began the tear filled speeches.  My brother in-law Mike gave a speech about the progress that I have made, and my positive attitude.  He quoted some of the things I have written in my blog and explained how proud he is of me.  I gave my speech to say thanks to everyone, which was really tough.  It’s really hard to put your gratitude into words after something like this.  No matter how I said it, nobody would truly understand how thankful I am for all the support.  Also, my dad gave Mr. Jerry a crystal plaque and spoke about how amazing this man is.

Mr. Jerry is a man among men.  He would give the shirt off of his back to anybody that needed it.  This mans heart has touched many people and this whole weekend wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Mr. Jerry.  Words can’t describe how much love is in this mans heart and with that I would like to say thanks.   

Mr. Jerry, your support has helped me more than you could ever imagine.  Everything that I am trying to do right now is made possible because of people like you.  You have truly touched my heart and I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have done.  Your help inspires me more and more to reach my goal of helping others with spinal cord injuries.  Thank you so much for everything. 

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes reading it. My grandpa (Jerry) considers you and your family part of his family, and he would do anything he could to help someone out. I know he can see your drive and courage. I am so proud to call him my grandpa. And I think you did a great job expressing your gratitude, and I know he knows how much you appreciate it. Keep up the good work Joe!

    - Tricia Eschliman


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