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Friday, August 5, 2011

On the Road to Montana

Amy and I are off.  We left on our journey back to Montana on Tuesday the 2nd.  After about four hours of packing we hit the road at about 9:30am.  We had a few little pit stops to make before the long haul.  After stopping at my buddies moms house to pick up the second camera we were sent off with well wishes and on our way to Hillside, South Dakota.

The last time I made this drive I was moving to Missoula, MT.  Amy and I both agreed that it was strange making this drive as a visitor not a resident, but we both feel this trip will make us find a way to move back next summer.  It was a long, flat, and straight drive through southern MN and SD.  After many cups of coffee we finally made it to Rapid City.

After a few quick stops to gather some supplies we were off to Hill City in the Black Hills.  As we drove up into the mountains the air cooled down and the humidity went away.  This was a great feeling coming from MN 85% or higher humidity.  Once we got to our camp site it was almost dark and time to set up. 

Our camping routine is getting a lot faster.  After about an hour and a half we were set up and eating dinner.  It wasn’t long before we were sleeping the night away.  As great as the cool morning breeze felt, we were up right away and getting things done so we could hit the road again.   

Before we drove off we met a really nice family that happened to know quite a bit about adaptive recreation.  They were all really excited about the ride that I am doing.  Turns out they are kayakers that live in Wisconsin right on Lake Superior.  They were so nice that they even offered for Amy and me to travel their way and do a little kayaking.  Sounds like a great next adventure. 

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